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get it on…

…till the break of dawn

it's been a long week, i'm feeling a shitty bit under the weather, but hopefully i'll be good to go by saturday. i'll be kinda upset if i have to miss the addy's.

i'm starting to feel a bit restless… i really want to get out and travel some more. i'm starting to feel this itch that's gnawing on me the longer i stay in oklahoma. spring break i think i'll do something. maybe head to dc again, or perhaps shoot out to california, maybe even kick it in colorado with mon. i don't know yet, but i gots to do something.

shiny and new

hey, if you have the opportunity to participate tomorrow in the potomac primaries, do it. make a difference this year. if obama sweeps those three, it'll be a major boost and really put the squeeze on.

how it do

so my best friend sent out an email this morning. in which she said, part of obama's appeal is that he's only been in washington for 4 years. i think that's actually an intriguing point. so intriguing that i recalled the movie gladiator as i was thinking of this cartoon. russell crowe's character is asked to give rome back to the people; told in fact, that only he can do it because he hasn't seen rome, has not been tainted by it's corruption. and he gives his all to make it happen, even after he has nothing left to lose. his character maximus was dynamic, inspired loyalty, and fearless, and dedicated to the idea of rome and it's ideals.

i think that's an interesting parallel.

i chose one of the most memorable scenes to match one of the most memorable moments in our history.

are you not ENTERTAINED?! -- excerpt from Gladiator II : Maximobama


i got a macbook kids, so i'm back and running. it's gonna take a few trial runs to get my settings just right on here, reset my photoshop action scripts and whatnot, but updates are coming soon....

very soon.



my laptop got stolen, so i'm pretty boned. no updates till i gets a new computer now.

no beard

i needed to take a break from school for a few, so i finished no beard (mike's character). i'm pretty pleased with him, although i saved a flattened version over my psd, so he's done anyways, cause i can't do anything else with him. *sigh*




this has definitely been an exploration in color application and texture, but overall i'm really pleased with the results.



ice is freaking everywhere. after three hours i finally freed my car. jesus balls christ. but if i luck out, there won't be any school this week, which means i'm done. hallefuckinglujah. anyways, my most recent stuffs, header for blogspot, really started to push into grunge, exploring legibility. still afraid to really distort the letterforms.



that's me. so i've had a lj account for awhile now. couple years actually. didn't even realize i still had one. but i prowl around here checking out artists that i follow. i pretty much stick to blogspot, that's a giant chunk of the online artist population. unfortunately, it's low in traffic for anyone starting out (seems like it's all pros and their fans). i also have a deviantart account, but the community seems more limited. after talking to a couple of friends, they recommended i at least try keeping a lj for a couple of months and seeing if i find a substantial difference in online traffic. i guess it's cause there's a community aspect here that is completely lacking on blogspot. so i upgraded to a paid account to give this a shot.

but i'm terribly bad with people online. and there's the conundrum.

but i would feel pretty horrible since i'm gonna give this an actual shot if you didn't have something to read until i start posting art. so, stuff coming soon, i swear, but i'm out of school in five days, and out of town for 11 after that, so chances are, your stockings will be empty if you're relying on me to fill them with eye candy. my bad. as it were, i linked my blogspot to here, so check it out if you want.

how's that for fun?

peece out bitches

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